August 31, 2014

Local Food Kiev

This is a sweet blog: Local Food Kiev Photoshoot Местная Еда Киев
Hi guys!
So, what can I say? Today is the last day of summer...and I am pretty happy about it. I like autumn, I like fresh and chilly air, rainy days, golden-yellow trees. I feel myself so comfortable wearing cozy and warm pullovers and soft to the touch scarfs. I like to drink hot coffee!)) I like to fall asleep listening to the sounds of  thunder and rain drops. And many of you would never ever get me on this (actually, I still can't believe myself I am writing this down!... ) but I have to admit -  AUTUMN, I love you! I love you more (What?!) than spring! But yes....

August 27, 2014

Frozen Banana Coffee Ice Cream {vegan, personal fav}

Frozen Banana Coffee Ice Cream {vegan, personal fav} This is a sweet blog

When it starts to rain cats and dogs everyday ice cream season is over. At least for me. But I just have to share this recipe with you. I've made it a couple weeks ago, when it was summer outside with its terrible heat, and the only thing I could make without turning the oven was this amazing, healthy, vegan, creamy coffee ice cream. Trust me, it is the most healthiest ice cream ever! Say NO to sugar, eggs, milk and heavy cream. Say YES to frozen bananas!

Frozen Banana Coffee Ice Cream {vegan, personal fav} This is a sweet blog

August 21, 2014

Lime Bars with Candied Pistachios

Lime Bars with Candied Pistachios

Hi, Friends!!! Did you miss me? Hope you did!  I had some sort of writer's block. But now I am back and ready to make you hungry!)) 

August 16, 2014

White Peach & Lime Sangria + Fruit Ice Cubes

White Peach & Lime Sangria + Fruit Ice Cubes
It seems like the terrible heat decided that it is enough of mockery. At least it decided to take a timeout for a couple of days. Plus meteorologists forecast decrease of temperature to 20-25 degrees Celsius.  This is the most joyful news lately, really I haven't been so glad about anything during this week! And I  dunno if it was possible to survive without an air-conditioner. (thank you Willis Carrier for one of the most necessary inventions of the contemporary society!).

August 12, 2014

Flourless Swedish Chocolate Cake KLADDKAKA + gifs I won't be too much wordy. Because I fail words to express my feelings about this cake. The most rich flavored chocolate cake I ever had in my life. Sticky when warm, becomes dense when chilled. Accomplished with fresh berries and slightly powdered with confectioner's sugar. I'm irreversibly for good and all in love.
Flourless Swedish Chocolate Cake KLADDKAKA + gifs recipe thisisasweetblog
Be ready for your life to change. Really. I warned you.

August 07, 2014

Brown Rice Pudding with Roasted Plums

Brown rice pudding with roasted plums thisisasweetblog recipe
You already know that I am a breakfast geek? I strongly believe that in the morning you can eat whatever you want without any pricks of conscience (on conditions that you are doing sports, go to the gum or at least lead an active life). The more I have stinted myself in food,  the more hunger I had for junk food . 

It is in our nature - people always hanker after forbidden fruit. Everyone knows that itching feeling to break the rule. And when you do - you feel relief.... along with remorse. For myself I do not like to feel guilt. And it is not about the opinion of others, it is more about my conscience, that makes me spend too much time thinking of my "sins".
Brown rice pudding with roasted plums thisisasweetblog recipe cat

August 05, 2014

Orange Rosemary Pancakes w/ Lavender Honey Whipped Cream

Pancakes...Pancakes...Pancakes.  I love PANCAKES! And who doesn't? I really thought about any imperfections of these particular recipe, are perfect to me. Fluffy, with nice smooth texture, not sweet too much, and lavender whipped cream immensely balance all the flavors. Neither more nor less.

August 02, 2014

Berry Summer Cake

Summer Berry Cake

Until I began cooking almost every day, I had no idea of failures on the kitchen. I often heard from others about overbeaten frosting, underbaked cake, overdone pancakes...and so many different things, but it had never happened to me until I decided to make this cake. I had a lot of berries, which I needed to use (I tried to eat them all...but it appeared to be pointless))). I found the recipe. It  seemed very easy to make, minimum ingredients - flour, butter, sugar, eggs . With absolute certainty that in an hour I will have a summer cake on my table, I went to the kitchen, turned on the music (as I usually do) and ....Oh, how wrong I was!