June 30, 2014

Papaya Salad

papaya bowl salad recipe

A week ago my parents returned from Israel. They went there on a vacation to visit our close friends. I wish I also could go with them, but I was in the middle of passing my exams. Besides, once (2 years ago, I think) I have already payed a visit there.
Actually, this country surprised me very much, in a good way.  I mean I was amazed that such an oasis could be created in a desert. Their land was build of nothing...no water, poor soil, arid climate. The moment you step from  the plane on the ground, you see so much verdure around, blooming verdure.! It is hard to believe that you are actually in a desert!
However behind this beauty is concealed a hard work. Only imagine that under each bush is placed a tubule, which supplies the plant with water.
And only thanks to this irrigation system it became possible to cultivate various plants.
papaya bowl salad recipe

So now we are getting closer to the topic (yep...no post without food!)

The only thing I wanted my parents to bring home was food. A lot of exotic food.!!
Fruits. Papaya...Litchi...Mango.
litchi leeches

Dried fruits...dates, coconut, pineapple.

June 27, 2014

Berry Tart (sugar free!)

summer berry tart sugar free recipe
This day has finally come! I've finished all of my exams. And it means that I am totally free till the end of summer. Two. TWo. TWO!!! months of long wished holiday!

The past two months were crazy. Sleepless nights, exhausting days. I felt that I could no more distinguish them.  I lived 24/7. So yeah...I can not describe you with the words my feelings right now. You just had to see me a few hours ago. You know, when neurosis is replaced by laughter, then access of tenderness....and laughter again...

summer berry tart sugar free recipe

June 26, 2014

Strawberry Mint Ice Cream

strawberry mint ice cream recipe

Hello guys!
This is my first post on blog. Well I'm absolutely thrilled about this.!!!!!
I am not sure that somebody (except my friends and family ) is reading. Writing here is like talking to yourself. At least for now. But I think I'll get used..)
strawberry mint ice cream recipe

 Anyway, lets get closer to the topic. Why ice cream? Because it's summer (though it seems to be an autumn outside! 12 degrees above zero.) So ice cream for icy weather.

And why strawberry? Simply because it is strawberry season in Ukraine. It would have been a crime if I didn't make something of them)

Mint...? It was a creative impulse)
strawberry mint ice cream recipe strawberry mint ice cream recipe

Okay, now on to the recipe)