Hi! My name is Maryna and I am glad to welcome you on my blog.

So, I think here you'd like to get to know me better. Believe, writing these lines appered to be kinda difficult to me. Really, when I am beeing asked to tell something about myself I become confused and literally have nothing to tell. But I'll try ;)

Ok. Some facts about me:

  • My English is far from beeing perfect, you won't be bored.
  • I live with my parents in Kyiv, which is my native city. 
  • In our apartment also lives Marta, our cat. Quite often you can find us fighting...literally. But I alredy can't imagine my life without my little "sister".
By the way, meet Marta. She is my best assistant in the kitchen)

Some more information:
  • I'm sun allergic.
  • I like travelling. I've been to USA, Great Britain, Germany, Montenegro, Greece, Israel, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt. For now I'd like to open to myself some Asian countries)
  • I am studying International Relations
  • My blood tipe is coffeine. I am not joking. Three cups coffee (no milk and sugar!) a day is a rule
Some words about cooking. I have no idea why do I like it so much. No one in our family was so passionate about baking and making of food something special. However the funny thing - my mom told me that  the meaning of my first sentence was approximately  the next : in the age of 11 months I asked for fried potato. Yep.! I've always been interested in food ).

As you can see from the title of my blog, mostly I am going to write about sweets and desserts. Not because I eat nothing but sweets.(actually I lead a healthy life-style and sweets take a tiny part of my everyday diet! ). I just feel more creative baking.
I am lucky to have family and friends who eat everything I cook. Of cource I also DO eat, but not the whole cake! Eat sweets only in the first part of the day (oh, one more thing about me - this is the reason why breakfast is my fovourite meal ) and don't forget about sports.

I use a Cannon 600D + EF 35-80mm f/4.0 -5.6 lens.

Well, that is it. I hope now you have some rough idea of me. And if you want to know something else or you have questions, please leave a comment or contact me at thisisasweetblog@gmail.com

Thanks for visiting!


  1. Hmm....I must say: "That's fantastic"!! :)

  2. Your blog is sweet indeed! Great job:)

  3. Your blog is truly awesome !! You take absolutely wonderful pictures and that kitty of your is just adorable :)
    Keep up the good work :)

    1. Thank you, Liron!! It is so nice of you)) I'll give her a kiss from you;)

  4. Anonymous10 June, 2015

    Дякую за чудовий блог!!! І Ви дуже гарна, а фото млинців - просто пальчики оближеш! ))))) Володя Бігус, Тернопіль guardiaterno@gmail.com