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May 03, 2016

Easter Bread

Easter Bread Panettone Kulich Paska
Easter Bread Panettone Kulich Paska Lilac
Easter Bread Panettone Kulich Paska Lilac

Easter bread, called Paska, is traditionally eaten in Ukraine during Easter holidays. Interesting that the recipe for it is similar to Italian Panettone, which is baked in Italy for Christmas. The tradition of eating Easter bread comes from religious reasons - Great Lent. Paska is made of all ingredients that are forbidden during the Lent and people break the fast by eating Easter bread loaded with butter, eggs, milk and sugar. Easter bread can be bought anywhere during the holidays, but there is something mysterious and magical in family tradition of baking Easter bread. The recipe goes from mother to daughter and each family has its own secrets.

I will be honest with you. In our family the right of baking Easter bread still belongs to my mother, because she is the one who keeps the family together. But all the fun belong to me, because I'm responsible for decorating part! Traditionally Paska is decorated with royal icing and sprinkles on the top. However lately in bakeries there are a lot of fancy variations which involve chocolate frosting, ganache, macaroons ans meringues, that I used last year. This time I went for less effortless, though not less beautiful dried fruits and nuts.

And to be totally honest, I wasn't planning to make a blog post out of it. Because I post only those recipes that I make by myself. But as long as I had brought home a huge bouquet of lilac the other day, I just couldn't resist not to use the opportunity.  

January 19, 2015

Mlyntsi (Ukrainian thin pancakes) with Citrus Curd

Mlyntsi (Ukrainian thin pancakes) with Citrus Curd

No doubt that you have eaten a lot of fancy desserts in your life, but when I will ask you to name your favourite, I am almost sure it will be something from your childhood.  I have checked this theory not once,  and it works.

So, you must have guessed by now that my childhood wouldn't have been fully happy without mlyntsi. Kidding of course, but to be honest, mlyntsi were (and still are) the most respected dessert in our family. Mlyntsi are well known traditional food in Ukraine, which are similar to French-style crepes.  Our cuisine is pretty simple, it involves anything our ancestors had near at hand. Milk, eggs, butter and flour are exactly the foodstuffs that could be found in any home.

August 31, 2014

Local Food Kiev

This is a sweet blog: Local Food Kiev Photoshoot Местная Еда Киев
Hi guys!
So, what can I say? Today is the last day of summer...and I am pretty happy about it. I like autumn, I like fresh and chilly air, rainy days, golden-yellow trees. I feel myself so comfortable wearing cozy and warm pullovers and soft to the touch scarfs. I like to drink hot coffee!)) I like to fall asleep listening to the sounds of  thunder and rain drops. And many of you would never ever get me on this (actually, I still can't believe myself I am writing this down!... ) but I have to admit -  AUTUMN, I love you! I love you more (What?!) than spring! But yes....

July 09, 2014

Hot Chocolate with Salted Whipped Cream & Lviv

hot chocolate with salted whipped cream
hot chocolate with salted whipped creamIt's been a while...a week to be exact, but it seems like a month! 
Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I've spent the last weekend in Lviv. Yep...that is why I haven't updated blog. Actually I could (uh-huh...I have some recipes in reserve for a rainy day) but I wanted at first to write a post about trip to Lviv.
Lviv in the summer Ukraine

July 02, 2014

Village life & Ukrainian national dish VARENYKY with Cherries (step-by-step recipe with gifs)

Ukrainian national dish dessert varenyky varenyk with cherries gif step-by-step recipe
Born in big cities, growing up in the age of globalization, most of us forget about our roots, some unique customs and traditions, without which only half a century ago our grandparents couldn't imagine their lives. This rule does not always apply, nevertheless more and more people do not pay attention to their nationality in everyday life.
Ukraine field national flag patriot
The flag of Ukraine) Blue sky above, wheat field below))

I am Ukrainian and I am proud of it!
If you are interested in learning something new about Ukraine, please, go on reading) A lot of pictures!)